Pacific Street entrance safer for all

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I am writing regarding the Baltimore Ravine proposed development. My husband Jon and I do not oppose the development. We do oppose the use of Herdal Drive as the primary point of entry. Though my family lives on Norman Lane in a home that backs up to the proposed Herdal extension, we oppose Herdal as the main point of entry for reasons other than personal. While it’s true the proposed roadway would cause irreparable damage to our neighborhood in terms of congestion and noise, there is also a safety concern for all citizens who will be using the road. The extension would bring a non-residential level of traffic to a residential area, putting everyone at risk. All vehicles traveling to and from the Baltimore Ravine development would be forced to travel along a narrow residential street, a few feet from existing homes. Pacific Street would be an excellent alternative to Herdal as primary access to the Baltimore Ravine development. A roadway at this open site could be built to adequately accommodate the high level of traffic predicted, addressing the safety concerns.   Another significant advantage to using Pacific Street as the main entry to the Baltimore Ravine development is that it does not negatively impact any existing homeowners. Why would the city of Auburn choose to damage one neighborhood while developing another? A Pacific Street access point to the Baltimore Ravine development makes more sense for the current citizens of Auburn, as well as those who will choose to live in the new development. Thank you, Diane McDonnell, Auburn