Package, not price, shrinks

Reader Input
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I wonder if your readers are aware of the constant size reduction, which is one of the most offensive practices of our food industry. How many of us remember when a can of coffee was always a pound? How long since we have seen a gallon of bleach? And just recently, yogurt came in 8 oz. packages for about 50 cents. Now it comes in 6 oz. and they advertise it “on sale” for 50 cents. This is an underhanded way of raising prices; it also makes it nearly impossible for cost-conscious consumers to make intelligent selections if the sizes of different products are not uniform and are always changing. One of the worst offenders is ice cream. Remember not long ago ice cream containers were all half-gallon? Maybe a year ago, some brands went down to 1.75 quarts – and sadly, other brands followed. Finding how people will put up with it, I suppose, these two brands have again reduced their size, now down to 1.5 quarts – a 25 percent reduction. Have their costs gone up 25 percent in the last year? Have your wages increased 25 percent lately? I am happy to say when our food group contacted Sunnyside, they informed us they did not approve of this practice and would find other ways to deal with increased costs than by reducing container size. I would encourage people to watch container sizes and make their purchases from brands who respect consumers enough to adhere to standard sizes – and let the others know why you no longer buy from them. Let your supermarket management know your sentiments as well. Thad Westphalia, Auburn