"Paleo" mom doing right

Reader Input
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In response to John Sisson’s “Reasons to doubt diet,” (Reader Input, June 14):
The “Paleo diet” is far from a poorly controlled experiment. If anything, the diet that is an experiment is the standard American diet. You mention that the highlights of the Paleolithic age were: “No home, no light, no heat, no transportation, no cold storage, no medical care, massive infant mortality and a life expectancy of 30 with no records of dietary efficacy and no records of anything.”
You are right, there were no records of anything. No record of things like cancer, obesity, diabetes, IBS, gluten intolerance and other modern diet-related diseases that many people are dealing with now.
You are also right when you say that the life expectancy of humans was much shorter. However, the early death of humans in the Paleolithic era was related to accidents and trauma of a life spent living outdoors without modern medical care, compared to the chronic degenerative diseases that affect us now.
To say that Mrs. (Molly) Dunham or any other family following the Paleo diet is using their children as guinea pigs is far from the truth. Mrs. Dunham is feeding her children nothing more than real food; real meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts, foods which are full of a variety of nutrients.
Would you be more comfortable if Mrs. Dunham was feeding her children a processed “whole grain” Pop Tart or a bowl of “whole grain” cereal loaded with sugar? I think Mrs. Dunham is doing an excellent job teaching her kids how to enjoy real, healthy food.
Amber Harman, Auburn