Palin is good at attacking

Reader Input
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I see that Sarah Palin has been making the rounds, pulling in huge fees and rallying the faithful – and scaring the hell out of the rest of us. At her recent speech to the Tea Party convention she referred to scientists warning about global warming as “snake oil salesmen.” She also attacked the president for not making change fast enough. Since it was not written for her on her cue cards, Ms. Palin is probably unaware that Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1933 but there was little overall improvement in his entire first term. It was only late in his second term that the Depression truly came to an end. During those long years, the working people of the nation remained solidly behind the president – for they knew he was fighting for them, and that it was an unregulated Wall Street and corporate greed that were most responsible for their problems. Now Obama has been in office for only one year. There is already noted improvement in the economy and he will be focusing on employment, yet Sarah and her loyal storm troopers are already screaming for his head and to vote Republican again. I have no doubt that if Sarah were around during the Great Depression, she would be traveling around shouting for a return to Herbert Hoover. I also believe that the working people of that time (“The Greatest Generation”) would have had better sense than to pay her as much attention (and money) as the Tea Partyists do today. WILLIAM SMYTH, Auburn