Palin knows climate change

Reader Input
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I just read Steve Pettit’s letter (Reader Input, Feb. 11) ridiculing Sarah Palin for her remark that “global warming” is “snake-oil science.” I’m wondering where Mr. Pettit has been for the last several months. Of course if you only watch MSNBC, CNN and other Obama-friendly media, you may have missed it. Just a couple of months ago it was revealed that the “scientists” who have promoted this hypothesis have been manipulating the data to make sure their agenda is supported. The fact is, the earth has been in a cooling trend since about 2000, which is why the “scientists” have changed their terminology to “climate change.” That is laughable, since the climate is always changing. Right now we have the heaviest snowfall on record for the East and Midwest. The day Al “the snowman” Gore gave his speech on this subject in New York, it was the coldest day on record for that winter. Global warming is a tool in the hand of social manipulators, designed to extract money in the form of cap and trade taxes from a duped society. Sarah Palin was right on. Jerry Mercer, Auburn