Parade did Auburn proud

Reader Input
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As a Vietnam veteran I have to admit that I still have many mixed emotions from that era and the treatment that was rendered to me and my fellow Viet vets. That is (I hope) in the past and I thank the city of Auburn for a great Veterans Day parade. The parade was for all of our nation’s veterans and was absolutely great. As my wife and I stood on the sidelines watching the parade I made many observations. I kept thinking how great a nation we live in as the many bands and groups passed. There was the Del Oro Eagle band, the Hillman band, the far-away Florin band, the Bear River band and the little but mighty E.V. Cain band. Then there were many youth groups that proudly passed, all praising our great military members, past and present. Midway through the parade I had the secure feeling that in front me was passing the future leaders of our community and our great way of life. I was also pleased to see there were no shameful incidents in regards to ideologies and that everyone conducted themselves as good citizens and patriotic Americans. Again, thanks Auburn Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn