Parade disrupts comings/goings

Reader Input
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I understand that the light parade in Downtown Auburn is an exciting event to most residents. However, it is not to all. It is not fair to restrict access to all back streets near Placer High School, as some residents have other plans and need to be able to come and go during the time of the parade. A volunteer officer suggested that my partner park his vehicle at Pistol Pete’s, go inside and enjoy some beers until the parade was over, and then drive home. Wow — a suggestion of drinking and driving. This is absurd. It is an inconvenience to those who do not like parades and have other things to do. It should not be expected of everyone living in Downtown to schedule their day around a parade. This event should be planned so that those not into spectating can go about their regular evening. Everyone considers their time valuable. Why should someone have to wait until the parade is over to go home or park their vehicle and make time to walk back to pick it up later? I just find it ridiculous that no one thought to leave a route open for the residents of Downtown to get in and out. Tiffany Turner, Auburn