Parents, bullies, get wise now

Reader Input
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Every day children are neglected by parents, friends and bullies. Even at school there are bullies and normal sweet-hearted kids that pick on each other. When you think that you know someone the most, or, if you see someone and think “they must have a great life,” you don’t even begin to know that person at all. That boy you made fun of today committed suicide when he got home. The girl you called “ugly” is already insecure. The boy you pushed down in the hall after the bell is already abused at home. But we didn’t know that because we were too busy to learn before we act. Parents may yell and curse at you and we call it abuse; it truly isn’t. Abuse would be being hit repeatedly or having bruises/cuts caused by another person. Spankings are punishment and nowhere close to abuse unless bruises show after. But children don’t know that, so they tell others, and that causes punishment to the parents. Either way, on both ends, abuse is wrong and needs to be stopped. The school needs to put an end to it all. The parents also need to come to their senses and realize pain is not the right answer. MADDIE RIGBY, student, Auburn