Park district candidates reflect on campaigns

Four vying for two seats ready for election
By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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Will the Auburn Area Recreation and Parks District see incumbents, new faces or a mix of the two on its governing board? Today’s election will decide. The four candidates running for two seats are Chris Asbury, incumbent Scott Holbrook, incumbent Curt Smith and Larry Tracy. Asbury said Monday he didn’t have any additional campaign plans, and believes voters have already made their decisions. Asbury said he has taken away several things from the campaign. “The one thing in retrospect … is just the overall passion of the election,” Asbury said. “I probably underestimated that quite a bit. As far as my campaign goes, it’s been fairly low-key. I’ve allowed the other candidates to kind of talk amongst themselves, and I’ve avoided getting involved in those discussions, and that was on purpose. I think if I was to do this again, I would plan on spending more time getting out and talking to various user groups than I have.” Asbury said he plans to stay home Tuesday night to wait for the election results. Holbrook said Monday he had essentially wrapped up his campaign, but planned to make some phone calls to thank his supporters. Holbrook said personal attacks he experienced during the campaign shocked him. “The biggest impact was never have I ever been subject to such a negative campaign in my life or have I seen one this negative on a local level, and that took me by complete surprise,” Holbrook said. “It really was very troubling. I look forward to moving forward, but I tell you, it opened a lot of eyes.” Holbrook said he plans to visit the Placer County Office of Elections Tuesday night to see the ballots counted. He might also attend election parties at locations like The Ridge, The Power Club Restaurant and Brewery and Auburn Bike Works Tuesday night, but is not planning a celebration of his own. Smith said Monday he had finished his campaign and was leaving the decision up to voters. Smith said even though mudslinging was a big part of the campaign, he got several ideas from residents of topics he would like to explore in the next term. “It’s been rather difficult to concentrate on issues, because of the rhetoric that has been associated with the ARD race this year,” Smith said. “Having said that, in conversations listening to different people, and some of the other candidates, some interesting points have been raised that I’d like to explore a little more in depth. I really would like to see a little more first-hand interaction between our user groups and the board members. That’s something we have tried to do in the past and it hasn’t met with much success. I would like to explore other opportunities to do some of that.” Smith said he plans to follow election results on his computer at home Tuesday and doesn’t have any other election night plans. Tracy said he thinks he has accomplished everything he can through radio and newspaper advertisements, and doesn’t have any other pre-election campaign plans. Tracy said he has learned a lot from his first time running for a public office, and plans to look into how ARD spends its money on projects. “Whether I win or lose, I’m going to do an investigation, because that’s my background – security,” Tracy said. “There are some things that are just not right. I was accused of spending a lot of my own money, and to the people that asked me about that I said, ‘Well isn’t it worth spending the money for the people to find out the truth?’ Win lose or draw it’s been very interesting.” Tracy said he plans to be at a friend’s campaign party in Oroville Tuesday night. Reach Bridget Jones at