Parking fee may backfire

Reader Input
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With the recent bout of hot weather, relief was available at the nearby American River. But for the hour of chilling at the water hole, it cost me $10 just to park on the street, a street that looks like every mile of street already paid for and granted free access to all. Hmm, the repercussions seem detrimental to commerce in Auburn as folks seek other free access points and in any case, the enjoyment of the river is now limited. Yes, we need to support the State Parks funding of the Auburn Recreation Area, but this fee is institutionally unsupportable. For $125 I can get a Poppy Pass that allows unlimited access to all State Parks fee areas ? a fee that doesn?t target the Auburn Recreation Area and doesn?t give funding credit to the area. It has also switched the role of park rangers to fee collectors and their other public safety and environmental preservation duties are now diminished. The situation calls for some ?outside the box? solutions by the state. More folks need to weigh in on the situation. I don?t object to supporting the area, I just think the current solution is maligned. This is an area appreciated by many. The movers and shakers of our community should make representations to ensure that incidental uses of the area do not pay the same as a full day?s use. What say you? Jim Bennett, Auburn