Paying corrupt foreign governments insulting

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Our great and good friend, Pakistan, has just given a vast portion of its northwest area to the Taliban and its friend, Al Qaeda, also, instituting Islamic law throughout that region. This is, of course, conveniently close to Afghanistan where these two entities are busily killing American soldiers and provides them with a relatively safe refuge. Meanwhile, in Washington our benevolent bunglers of foreign policy are working hard to help Pakistan obtain an “additional” $1 billion from the International Monetary Fund (which we bankroll) in addition to the millions in foreign aid we give it annually because Pakistan helps us so very much to fight “terrorism.” I wonder if this little annoyance will deter some of this annual largess? This dispersal of taxpayers’ dollars, especially during a period when we have millions of jobless, seems an insult to our taxpayers. Foreign aid seems such a whimsical thing: Several years ago, for example, I was amused to see a $20,000 item in our aid to Poland to “study Polish frogs.” No kidding! Obviously of significant importance to our well-being. How does this differ from the imaginary help we’re getting from Pakistan in the fight against terrorism and several other recipients of our tax money, money for corrupt foreign politicians and criminal regimes, for imaginary benefits. I hope some of it helped the frogs! Arne Celick Auburn