PBS answers to higher authority

Reader Input
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Every time I look at the daily TV schedule I get more depressed. What a proliferation of nonsense! Am I the only one who doesn’t care a whit about Charlie Sheen, who thinks Donald Trump is repulsive, and that Lindsay Lohan needs a good spanking instead of more publicity? The only bright spot in the otherwise depressing picture is public television and PBS. It regularly offers superb dramas (Masterpiece Theater), lively history, insightful news and analysis, fascinating nature and science programs, great music and entertainment. I support public TV with my membership. So do many local businesses, as well as large corporations and foundations. I believe that government has a crucial role to play in this partnership, for what could be more important to a democracy than a well-informed public with a rich cultural environment? So I was more than disappointed to learn of the recent efforts by our Republican-controlled Congress to cut off funding for PBS entirely – and that our local congressman, Tom McClintock, was among those who voted to do so. What is it about good TV that they fear so much? Like libraries, schools and parks, even people who don’t make use of public television often support it, for these are things that enrich the life of the whole community. I encourage you to become more familiar with the offerings of our local KVIE, to support it, and to let our representatives know that you value it … and to remember this if he continues to try and eliminate it. Larry W. Smith, Auburn