Penryn project a costly error

Reader Input
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As a taxpayer, I am appalled by the decision of the Placer County Planning Commission to approve the 150-apartment complex on Penryn Road, called the Orchard at Penryn (“150-unit Penryn residential complex passes Placer planning panel test,” Journal, June 29.)
The county’s own financial analysis (Final Environmental Impact Report, pages 150-154) shows that this apartment complex will cost us, as Placer County taxpayers, $203,200 to $240,000 per year for at least the next 20 years, and that doesn’t even account for inflation!
The monies will be drawn down from the Placer County general, public safety, roads and library funds.
This makes no sense as the county is struggling now to meet existing needs!
This project isn’t a local effort, it is the scheme of a San Diego apartment complex developer interested only in maximizing density to maximize profits.
They have stated the project will look similar to the “solid buildings” complex across from the Lowe’s in Roseville, and will be a “great thing” for rural Penryn/Loomis. Huh?
They don’t care about negative quality of life impacts on the existing community or that the project won’t “pay its way” once built.
How much do you want your taxes going up to support this misguided plan to build an apartment complex?
Carol Van Ness, Penryn