People unaware of new development

Reader Input
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Did you know? If you are like most Auburnites, the answer to this question is probably “no.” While most of us were working at our day jobs, or were distracted by the looming prospect of a Walmart on Highway 49, the Placer County Planning Commission on Thursday quietly, and with little fanfare, approved one of the biggest, densest projects ever [un]known to North Auburn (“Commission OKs senior community,” Journal, May 13). That’s right: 858 residential units, plus hundreds of thousands of square-feet of commercial, professional, medical and storage facilities. Adjacent landowners have presented testimony to Placer County over the last few years to encourage the developer to consider lower-density project alternatives to protect property values and to avoid (impacting) extensive blue oak woodlands, stream corridors and Native American grinding stones, all of which occupy portions of the property to be developed. With the proposed clustered alternative, the developer has a unique opportunity to have a profitable project, to maintain and expand foot trail access and regional connectivity to ARD Regional Park by three adjacent residential neighborhoods, and to avoid and protect important biological, cultural and recreational resources existing on this property. Perhaps Placer County and the developer will do the right thing when the project next goes to the board of supervisors. We’ll see. Jeff Tupen, Auburn