PG&E needs upgrade funds

Reader Input
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Re: PG&E seeks to raise cash to cover gas upgrades (Journal, Dec. 3). Last year’s pipeline explosion in San Bruno that killed eight people and injured dozens has lead Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. to fund money for new pipes, repairs and renovations. Right after the explosion California regulators already had ordered the upgrades in San Bruno. PG&E still wants to raise more money (a total of $400 million) to cover the expenses of the pipeline burst and other places that also need new equipment. I believe it is a good thing that PG&E is trying to get the cash. Since one pipe was bad, that could possibly mean others are just like it. After this act, if PG&E can get the money new pipes will be installed and they will have extra money for repairs. So overall this is good that PG&E is doing this; they will have a little bit of extra money for later use. ADAM ZEIGLER, student, Auburn