PG&E should add workers

Reader Input
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From the problems from the snow that caused the power outage on Monday, Dec. 7, people were left without power for one, maybe two days in 20-degree weather. PG&E went to work, but were going a little slow. The power stopped at around 11:30 a.m. and they didn’t get to my house off of Millertown Road until 7:30 that night. When the box blew again we were out of power for the whole night. If PG&E were to have worked faster we would have had power that night and wouldn’t have had to go to a hotel. If PG&E hired more people there would be more jobs and faster fixes. Both of those are benefits for everyone except PG&E, but in the long run people with jobs could afford to buy a better house which would mean PG&E would install electricity and gas lines and they would earn more money from those projects. In the end everybody benefits from PG&E and with all the money people would be spending. In addition it would help the economy also. I personally don’t see a downside to this idea at all. ADAM RUARK, student, Auburn