Photo ID not so much to ask

Reader Input
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My wife constantly accuses me of being naïve and I admit to believing in something until negative evidence in the belief is just too preponderant to continue supporting it. Case in point: Cokie and Steven Roberts’ piece in today’s (Oct. 10) Auburn Journal comment section entitled “Purple fingers, black eyes.” They aver that states which require voters to produce a photo ID to prove their right to vote denies that right to 21 million people — notice I didn’t say citizens — and that judges should strike these laws down. Naïveté notwithstanding, I fail to understand how producing a photo ID to vote is such an onerous requirement that should involve our federal justice department and judiciary to override these laws. In California, all one must do to obtain a photo ID is go to DMV, fill out a form, give a thumb print, have a picture taken, provide a birth date and legal presence, provide a Social Security number and have it verified by the Social Security Administration while you wait. Oh, never mind, I get it. Doug Hopley, Meadow Vista