Pink Floyd song got it right

Reader Input
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Teenagers throughout the foothills are joining me in rejoicing today, our cheers resounding from the treetops, echoing through the canyons, and reverberating around the schools in the Placer Union High School District. No more senior project (Journal, July 13)! District officials: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It’s back to the Good Ol’ Days for us when spring of senior year means kicking back, relaxing, taking trips to the river and the lake, and ... oh, yeah, just getting by in your classes so you can graduate. Testing? No problem. Most of us pass the California Exit Exam in the 10th grade. The No Child Left Behind standardized testing? Only in grades two to 11. We’re done with that. Doesn’t count against our GPA or graduation anyway. Senior year is now a snap! Good riddance, senior project. Now we can fake our way through four years of high school with no responsibility and no accountability. We get to wear school colors and graduate without having to prove competency in anything. Pink Floyd was right — “We don’t need no education!” ARNOLD FARQUARDT, Auburn