Pitbulls in need of protection

Reader Input
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Owners of dogs considered pitbulls — it’s up to you now! Because of the breed’s undeserved negative media image, pitbull owners have to be even more careful and responsible than the average dog owners to protect their dogs. It’s up to you to make sure that there is no more negative press regarding dogs considered as pitbulls. Here are some simple guidelines: do not allow your dog off leash in public — leash laws are your dog’s best friend. Be sure that your dog is adequately contained on your property. Reinforce faulty fencing, crate train your dog. Off-leash dogs and roaming dogs cause the majority of problems with all dogs. Obedience train your dog — rude dogs in public are not ambassadors for the breed. Socialize your dog with other dogs in controlled settings and with people. Get help if you see any sign of aggression with people which is not characteristic of this breed. By nature, pitbulls are intelligent, fun-loving and affectionate. It’s our job to help them fulfill that potential and keep them safe from bad situations. If you need help with crate training and obedience training for your dog who are considered pitbulls, please contact A New Hope Animal Foundation. Lynn Howe, Loomis