Placer County Sheriffs Office replacing all patrol cars

Law enforcement vehicles to be replaced with Chevy Tahoes, for price and fuel efficiency
By: Kylea Scott, Journal correspondent
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The Placer County Sheriffs Office is introducing new patrol vehicles to the roads. Ford Crown Victorias have been discontinued, and are subsequently being replaced by Chevy Tahoes, according to Dena Erwin, public information officer for the Placer County Sheriffs Office. So far, 16 Tahoes have been purchased, and three are currently on the road, Erwin said. The Crown Victoria?s are being replaced by the Tahoes when they reach their declared mile capacity of 110,000, the Ford Expeditions are being replaced at 125,000 miles Erwin added. ?110,000 miles is a lot on a law enforcement vehicle. They are often driven in a lot of rugged situations,? she said. According to Erwin, Placer County Sheriffs Office has a current total of 90 patrol vehicles and they plan to replace them all with Chevy Tahoes. Erwin said this fiscal year the budget will allow them to purchase 11 more Tahoes at $26,209 each. The Ford Crown Victoria?s were previously purchased at $28,348 each. Until all vehicles are replaced, they will continue to purchase as many per fiscal year as possible depending on the budget, she said. All vehicles will hopefully be replaced within six years, she added. Erwin said since the Crown Victoria was being discontinued, department officials began looking around for different models. ?They?re two-wheel drive, the handling is superior, they have a larger cargo area, there?s more room for gear, and more room for arrestees,? Erwin said. Deputies are in favor of the Tahoe?s and are pleased with the way they handled during pursuit training, she added. According to Erwin, a Vincentric study shows that the Tahoes average 15 miles per gallon city and 21 miles per gallon highway. The recorded mileage of the Crown Victoria?s is currently 10-14 miles per gallon, Erwin said.