Placer man creates 99 cent financial iPhone app that makes saving money easy

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Trinidad Esquivel, a longtime Placer County-area computer software entrepreneur, recently created and released an iPhone app, the MoneyDiary. The innovative, handy and easy-to-use software enables iPhone 4.0 users to track and budget their finances with a click of their cell phones. “Most people have no idea where their money is going,” Esquivel said. “With the simple-to-use MoneyDiary iPhone app, you can track every penny with a few clicks and easily stick to a budget.” The software is available at the Apple App Store for 99 cents. “When I started keeping track of my spending with my MoneyDiary app, I could easily see where I could save substantially by cutting out just a few mocha espressos and expensive lunches, and making my own at home. I quickly saved enough to buy that HD flatscreen TV I have been yearning for,” said Jennifer H., of Auburn. Esquivel agrees that tracking your expenses is the first step on the road to financial success. “Any financial planner will tell that to get your personal finances in order you must find out where your money is going and prioritize,” Esquivel explained. “The MoneyDiary makes that simple.” Some of the innovative attributes of the MoneyDiary software include: • It works in almost any language, with any currency. • If you have recurring bills, you don’t have to re-type them in every month. That can be done with the touch of a button. •You can categorize your expenses any way you want — business, entertainment, personal, food, medical, pets, hobbies. •You can set “from” and “through” dates. So if you want to keep track of your spending while on vacation, or during the Christmas shopping season, it’s all categorized any way you decide. • The MoneyDiary is a native app, meaning it resides on your cell phone and is therefore much faster. You never have to upload any of your personal financial information to the Internet, making it extremely safe and secure, Esquivel said. For more information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)go to MoneyDiary® is a registered trademark of T.A. Esquivel/Withyou Computer Systems. ~ Staff report