Placer senior has designs on architecture

Holli Tripp earned straight As plus multiple cash scholarships
By: Deric Rothe Journal Editor
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Placer High senior Holli Tripp says she is just a country girl who loves fishing and construction. While that’s true, what’s also true is that Tripp is a young woman who is determined to make the most of her life after she walks across the field at LeFebvre Stadium Saturday and accepts her high school diploma. Tripp spent her four years at Placer High working hard. The straight-A student earned a half-dozen cash scholarships that attest to her success. At a recent Auburn Rotary Club meeting, Superintendent Bart O’Brien presented Tripp with a $1,500 check for academic achievement. O’Brien praised Tripp’s work inside and outside the classroom, saying he was particularly impressed with her senior project. Tripp successfully completed an internship with local architect Michael Kent Murphy. She said Murphy mentored her and helped her solidify her plans for a future in architecture. The enthusiastic teenager completed 16 hand-drawn and framed architectural renderings of her family’s future home for her senior project. She can intelligently discuss metal fabrication details, read blueprints, create shop drawings as well as hand draw precise architectural renderings without using a ruler. Tripp said for the last dozen years building their dream home has been at the forefront of her and her parents’ minds. After taking two years of computer-assisted drawing at Placer, Tripp became a teacher’s assistant for the vocational classes so she could spend more time designing her family home. The Tripp family owns 20 acres near Shirland Tract, with a view of the American River Canyon. Tripp has made it her mission to help her father, Wally Tripp, a welder, and her mother Deanna, who runs the family business, finish their home-building project. The entire four-bedroom, three-bath home will be framed out of steel, welded and fabricated by her father, Wally, owner of W.J. Tripp Service Co. The bottom floor of the three-story home is already completed, made of 13-inch concrete blocks. Tripp said her family has lived in trailers on the property while they worked and saved money for their dream home. “I have a good relationship with my parents.” she said. Tripp was president of the Placer High School Republican club. She debated young Democrats prior to the presidential election. “That was interesting,” she said. Architectural engineering is definitely in her future, she said. Tripp plans to attend American River College and then transfer to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where she plans to earn a degree in architectural engineering. Then she plans to work for a firm to gain more experience and obtain her structural engineering license. And her ultimate dream? “My goal is to come back to Auburn,” she said. “I love Auburn. I am coming back to live in this house. It’s been a dream since I was old enough to understand what’s going on.” In the meantime, for fun, Tripp said she enjoys trapshooting off the back of her family home, which is now being built with her help. Because, after all, she is really just a country girl who loves fishing, shooting a shotgun and construction …