PlacerGROWN seeks AGvocates

By: Karen Killebrew, Special to the Journal
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Are you an AGvocate? Do you shop at the farmers markets? Buy direct from farms and ranchers? Eat seasonally and locally? If so, PlacerGROWN invites you to participate in their new Master AGvocate Community Agricultural Leadership Program. This innovative program will provide an in-depth look at Placer County agriculture through a series of classroom, on-farm workshops and visits, and, of course, sharing delicious meals. Participants will learn about the history of agriculture in Placer County and the economic contribution that agriculture makes to our county, learn directly from farmers and ranchers about their businesses, and explore the diversity of products grown and raised in Placer County. Each of the county’s agricultural organizations will host sessions focusing on farmers markets; citrus production; livestock, meat and eggs; vineyard and wine grape production: produce, CSA and fruit orchards. Program areas will be offered in eight classroom and field sessions to be held between July and September. The final session is the “Placer County Food Shed and Eat Local Challenge.” Typically local residents source only 1-2 percent of their food locally. Master AGvocate candidates will be asked write 500-word essay addressing how they plan to advocate to increase the percentage of Placer County residents who eat locally. The essay, along with a community service project, is a requirement for graduation. Graduates will receive a Certificate of Achievement from PlacerGROWN and will be encouraged to make presentations to civic organizations and their community networks, volunteer at PlacerGROWN and to create new local food events and programs that promote the region’s local food system. Program registration is $75, including PlacerGROWN Community Membership. For times and locations of meetings, and an overview of the Master AGvocate program, visit or email Karen Killebrew is Past President of the Board of Directors of PlacerGROWN, Placer County’s Agricultural Marketing Organization. Contact Karen at or