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Reader Input
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I had to laugh at Don J. Greer’s letter on Friday, June 22, “Nation needs Mitt Romney.” Your letter does provide many numbers that do put President Obama in the fault and expose some of the unkept promises you argue were made in the past “three and one-half years.” But where does it say we need Mitt Romney?
I am not a Democrat nor a Republican but a 17-year-old that just graduated from high school and took civics class (which I didn’t sleep through) and I have a good grasp of our current political climate.
The health care and job parts of this country are sad, to say the least. But for you to say that Mitt Romney would have killed a terrorist three years earlier ... based on what knowledge?
You and I both do not know the information that was in the Situation Room and what the timeline was for killing Osama bin Laden. It is preposterous for you to make such ignorant claims about this country’s knowledge of foreign targets.
There is a fundamental problem with the country and the common misperception that the leader of the Executive Branch can alone change the country single-handedly.
This is far from reality and what must be done to solve the problem is that Congress and the president must be willing to work together. I believe that right now it does not matter who is running the Executive Branch. What matters is that there is cooperation between the two branches and that each demonstrates a consistent effort toward making America better.
Mr. Greer, you put all this blame on Obama and say how bad he is doing, but you not once say what Romney will do to make things better. You say that “we need an intelligent, strong person like Mitt Romney to straighten out the huge mess that Obama has not been able to do.”
Please, if you are going to vote someone out, make sure to give reason to vote someone in. Thank you.
Zak Liske, Auburn