Please return stolen egg sign

Reader Input
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Recently, I purchased a sign from my favorite local sign shop, Uptown Signs, to advertise the sale of my family’s extra eggs. Much to my chagrin the sign did not last an entire day before it was stolen by some malcontent with a sign fetish, or possibly some of our area’s misdirected youth. Within the past few months there have been multiple thefts of road signs along Wise Road — cattle crossings, stop and curve ahead signs — which I have reported to the authorities. The latest was the “Eggs For Sale” sign that cost me $24. Last year it was the “No Trespassing” signs which I had posted along our property’s fenceline. Personally, I don’t care about the sign frame that they took (as I rescued it from the garbage collector after a neighbor threw it away) but my “Eggs For Sale” sign cost me $24. If you are the one that took my sign, please return it, no questions asked, to the corner of Buttes View and Wise Road. This is your shot to do the right thing. David D. Chaddock, Auburn