Please support local sports

Reader Input
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Re: The recent article (Journal, Nov. 6) about snowboard program “woes.” For all public high and middle schools, after-school sports are not “pay to play” anymore but “play and maybe donate” the relatively small fee, as a result of the ACLU. Many schools are dropping sports or are not able to hire enough coaches and referees and possibly provide some transportation for those students who want to play. Because they don’t have to pay, a number of parents who are able are not “donating.” Also, Auburn has a sizeable population who have never played organized sports such as AYSO soccer until they reach middle school. Normally, some scholarship help could be given. For middle school students and those entering high school, a sport-qualifying G.P.A. has and will continue to keep them in school. Please, parents, community organizations and others, support your local sports programs. Kathleen Duncan, former teacher and school board member, Foresthill