Police searching for man who allegedly sold stolen car on Craigslist

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Auburn police are looking for a man who allegedly sold a stolen car on Craigslist. Resident Laurel Rudolph, 55, reportedly loaned her car to an acquaintance named Jeff Keller or Kellar earlier this month, according to Sgt. Michael Garlock, of the Auburn Police Department. When Keller didn’t return the car by the agreed upon time, Rudolph reported it stolen to the police, Garlock said. Garlock said Keller allegedly posed as the car’s owner and sold it on Craigslist. When the person who bought the car tried to register it at the Roseville DMV, they couldn’t because it had been reported as stolen, Garlock said. According to Garlock, the car has been recovered, but police are looking for Keller. However, police believe part of Keller’s name could be false. Anyone with information about Keller is encouraged to call Detective Dustin McLaughlin at (530) 308-6655. ~Staff report