Pool and picnic rental fee increase approved by Auburn Recreation District Board

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By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Auburn residents looking to host their next party at Auburn Recreation District pool or picnic area will soon be paying more per hour. Auburn Recreation District board members say the increase was necessary for the district to keep up with rising operational costs, while continuing to offer high-quality facilities “One thing for sure is the cost of running everything has increased. We need to maintain the level of efficiency and also be able to provide the quality of facilities they deserve,” said Manouch Shirvanioun, Marketing and Customer Service Manager for the district. On picnic units, fees have been raised from $40 to $50 and the cost of renting the Marsha Skinner Pool rose from $165 to $200, according to the Facility Rental Fee Structure provided by the district. The cost for renting the Splash Pool or Meadow Vista Pool also increased by about $30 for each facility. The district will no longer offer hourly half gym rentals. Fees on rooms will stay the same, while increasing fees for sports fields will be evaluated in the next couple of months, according to Curt Smith, district board member. According to Shirvanioun, Placer High School and other student groups have special agreements with the district, so the main impact would be on residents looking to rent pool facilities for private use. “We review our fee structure about every three years. We felt it was time to do that again,” Smith said. Smith said when the last fee increase was approved, residents were surprised fees went up so much because the district waited so many years and then raised them by a large sum. The board’s intention is to gradually raise the rates, so it will be easier for residents to make the transition, he said. “There are always a few opposers,” Smith said. “There are far fewer complaints about the facilities. When we raise the fees on the fields that’s when we get a lot of complaints.” Many people forget about the operational costs of running facilities, Smith said. “Believe it or not one of our big expenses is on toilet paper and cleaning supplies,” Smith said. “The price of all that is going up. We also heat and air-condition those places.”