Power-shift sounds smart

Reader Input
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Re: “Local officials wary of Brown’s power-shift plan,” (Journal, Jan. 6): I agree with Governor (Jerry) Brown that local governments should be given spending responsibility for more local programs. He said, “We are going to give more authority and decision making back to schools, counties and cities.” With a $28 billion budget deficit, California does not have enough revenue for all of the programs everyone would like to see. It is time to let county and city governments decide their own priorities of how to spend the limited revenues that are available. I also agree that in order for this to work, two key things need to happen. First, the state cannot be allowed to demand what services the local governments need to provide or to cut their programs. Second, the state needs to make sure the revenues for local governments are actually transferred to them and not used to balance the state budget. As a seventh grade student, I want to see changes that could help our schools and local programs. I am hopeful that Governor Brown’s “power-shift plan” will be a good start. JASON CIOLA, student, Auburn