Pregnancy a woman’s issue

Reader Input
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Tim Tebow’s mother should be commended for her bravery and selflessness, according to the Catholic Church. If not for her, the world wouldn’t have the great football star. And what is this “amazing self-sacrificing” mother’s name? For the many women each day who are confronted with situations similar to Tebow’s mom, I say to you that “your life is incredibly important.” You are not a sacrificial lamb that needs to put the life of an unborn fetus before your own. I was raised a Christian, and I know that the God I believe in thinks all life is of equal importance. The inconvenient fact is that it’s all too easy for these men (not all men) to make judgments and decisions regarding women’s bodies. Have they themselves ever felt what it is like to face such difficult decisions regarding their own bodies? No, they haven’t. So why is it that they are the majority of people trying to make the decisions for women? I would argue that if men were the ones getting pregnant and having to decide on their own lives versus the life of an unborn fetus growing inside of them, they would at least want “the choice.” It is all too easy for men to push the needs of women aside to preach their own self-interests. Regardless of whether or not you are pro-choice or pro-life, the bottom line of both views is to decrease the number of abortions taking place each day. This is only accomplished through education, access to birth control and community support for women and children. Attempting to completely eliminate a woman’s right to choose through such ridiculous fear tactics and manipulation (as this church is attempting) is not only harmful to women, but unacceptable. Oh, and by the way, her name is Pamela Elaine Pemberton Tebow. Rebecca Sands, Auburn