Profits trump patriotism

Reader Input
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Re: Emily Geil (“Keep gas price reasonable,” (Reader Input, Jan. 9). To spite the efforts of the American driving public, gas prices are 50 to 70 cents higher this year than last. A brief report on the national news recently revealed the facts of this issue. Consumption of gasoline is at the lowest level in recent years, brought about by conservation efforts and, of course, the economy. Our friends at the oil companies saw this as an opportunity to make more money. Record levels of refined fuels i.e. gasoline and diesel fuel are now being sent via tanker ships to other countries that have better economies than ours. This is why we should continue paying the oil companies billions in taxpayer subsidies and push for the construction of the Keystone pipeline across the middle of our great nation. More oil company profits equal more bought and paid for representatives in Washington, D.C. Thanks for being concerned, Emily, but it’s still profits before patriotism here in America. PAUL PIERCY, Colfax