Project helps our homeless

Reader Input
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Homelessness may be one of the few issues on which everyone can agree. Nobody likes it. There’s nothing beneficial about it, and it’s very expensive. Homelessness evokes the same sense of frustration and cynicism among homeless people, business people, residents, faith-based groups, community-based organizations and governments. While everyone agrees that homelessness is a problem, our community members have widely different perspectives on why it’s a problem and how to solve it. However, if our community wants to prevent our downtowns from becoming a haven of homeless as with other cities, we must quantify the need and redirect resources from temporary fixes toward prevention and housing. In that endeavor, The Lazarus Project would thank the Union Pacific Foundation, SureWest Foundation and PASCO Foundation for financially supporting our organization’s efforts to provide housing with support services for the homeless men and women from our community. It is with the help from these tremendous community-minded foundations that we are able to guide men and women to attain economic and social well-being. David Loya, executive director, The Lazarus Project, Roseville