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Prop. 8 sign vandals limited free speech

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ho trashed our “Yes on 8” sign (it didn’t even last a day) I’d like to say “thank you” for helping us teach a valuable lesson to our children. My kids already know that Proposition 8 has nothing to do with “rights” or “tolerance”; rather, it is about the definition of a single word. The intellectually honest position would leave the word “marriage” as it has been since the dawn of civilization. But now my children can see that many people who claim to be for “tolerance” and “free speech’” want nothing of the sort. They play with words, and go to extreme effort to look good in public, yet underneath, they are hateful and intolerant of any view other than theirs. Some of them might be your neighbors who smile to your face. We’ll put up another sign. Perhaps our next lesson will be: “How to file a criminal complaint”. Noah Mackenroth Newcastle