Proposition another tax that won't help

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Re: Pass Proposition 29, Help save lives - May 24 Does David Briceno really believe that taxes collected on cigarettes are going to save lives? Particularly when these taxes do not need to be used for education regarding the danger of smoking or medical for those who have problems related to cigarette smoking. Mr. Briceno, Why is more tax on cigarettes way overdue? I suppose that you would approve of another tax on gasoline and diesel fuel thinking that our roads would be in better condition. Think about taxes - there is a tax on everything except the food that we eat and perhaps prescription drugs. What have they gotten us? Oh, I forgot, we have a new large County building on DeWitt that was built with cigarette tax money. The tax on gasoline is a total of $.67 a gallon and on diesel it is close to $.76 a gallon. The sales tax is calculated on the total price of the fuel sale including excise taxes, which is double taxation. Has this done anything to fix our roads? NO, it's just more for the legislators to spend on frivolous pet projects? It's time to STOP more taxation of any kind. MARY ANN FRANK, Auburn