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Proposition upholds the correct marriage definition

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Why shouldn’t gay couples be able to marry? For that matter, why shouldn’t anyone be able to marry whoever or whatever they want to? Why shouldn’t three people be able to marry, or a person be able to marry their pet? We don’t want to get in the way of anyone’s rights, do we? After all, marriage is just a word and a legal definition of property rights ... right? Wrong. At its best, marriage is a loving covenant between a man and a woman. Each person brings something that the other does not possess to the relationship. It forms the most basic element of the family, from which the human race proceeds. Certainly, there are other ways to propagate the human race, but study after study shows that the best way is by means of the traditional family, in which there is a stable relationship between the father and the mother. Please do not weaken one of the key pillars that maintains a stable society. Protect marriage. Vote yes on Proposition 8. Glenn Simon Auburn