Protect dogs from irresponsible folk

Reader Input
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As many people know, Auburn has had high-profile problems with irresponsible dog owners recently. In response to various dog attacks, Auburn is now looking to revise its animal ordinance. The city council will be discussing a draft ordinance that targets only pitbulls during its May 24 city council meeting. Unfortunately, instead of looking to combat the problem of irresponsible dog owners for all breeds and hold all dog owners to equal standards, the city wants to give itself the power to seize and impound dogs that look like they might have some pitbull in their lineage, even when the dogs have not caused injury to anyone. Those who think this will only affect pitbulls should read the ordinance. The issue of breed misidentification runs rampant, as exemplified by the attack on the 91-year old man that was originally reported to be a “pitbull attack,” (Journal, May 4). Later information revealed the dog was a Rottweiler/pitbull mix. I don’t care if I’m bitten by a German shepherd, Rottweiler, pitbull or Labrador. I don’t want to get bitten, period. I want all dog owners to keep their dogs properly contained and be equally accountable for any damages their dogs cause. I encourage all Auburn residents to attend the city council meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, May 24 and express their opposition to the ordinance. We all care about doing what’s right for our community, both its human and canine residents, and I personally hope that Auburn looks for ways to not only keep people safe from all dangerous dogs, regardless of breed, but also finds ways to keep dogs safe from irresponsible people. Dawn Capp, Chako Pit Bull Rescue, Sacramento