Prozac, babies a bad combo

Reader Input
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Well, what do you know? Thousands of our soldiers have been misdiagnosed and labeled with “personality disorders” (Journal, Aug. 16). And just who misdiagnosed them? The so-called “mental health experts” — psychiatrists — who simply make up these phony “disorders” at their annual meetings and they have no scientific or medical basis. So it’s no wonder our soldiers are being misdiagnosed and wrongly labeled, which then places a stigma on them for the rest of their lives. These are the “experts” that Obama is currently listening to and obviously in agreement with, because now he’s pushing a program to “diagnose” newborn babies by taking a DNA sample at birth. From that the so-called experts will decide if the babies are going to have “personality disorders.” Where is the scientific and/or medical basis for that? If they decide so, the babies are immediately put on Prozac and other dangerous psychotropic drugs which have been proven to cause violent behavior and suicide. Americans need to wake up to this and take action. Call the president and your elected officials in Washington and demand this be stopped. Marcia Winborne-Graven, Auburn