Public dollars easily spent

Reader Input
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You see what is wrong-headed with county government when (Placer County CEO) Tom Miller says that with the closing of the Redevelopment Agency he will have the staff reassigned to other positions in the county and others will take a pay cut (Journal, Jan. 6). When private business dissolves a branch, it lets the people go. Lays them off! It does not absorb the employees into the viable portion of the business. Why does our county government feel it must provide jobs to those folks who are impacted by this closing? I can tell you why. It’s not their money they are spending. This would be another opportunity to downsize our government. Those other county departments were doing just fine without them, I’ll bet. We’re talking about nice people but our county government is not supposed to be a job provider but a service provider. It should be run more like a private business. James McKesson, Auburn