Publish vandals’ mugshots

Reader Input
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How soon we forget. I remember clearly a dozen years ago, the potted plants along the streets. Some merchants took good care of them, most did not. Many of the plants died and dried and probably could have been declared a fire hazard. Since Ms. (Vicki) Liddicoat has been caring for them they have added much to the character of the streets of Auburn. In addition she has been very dedicated to their maintenance, even donating some of her own plants to replace those that have been vandalized. I suggest a walk through Auburn and look at how many have to be cared for and how they brighten the street. Were it not for these flowers and plants, one street in particular would have all the charm of downtown Beirut. As to the plant vandals. Perhaps the police department doesn’t have time to track them down or the surveillance photos aren’t clear, but the Auburn Journal could print these images. How many times have we seen a picture of a baseball cap robbing a bank on the front page? Couldn’t hurt. JOHN DOWNS, Newcastle