Punish torture architects

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Last week Attorney General Eric Holder finally allowed that he might appoint some kind of special prosecutor for the rampant torture regime of the Cheney/Bush administration. I hope he will he actually hold the torture kingpins accountable and not just scapegoat some little fish the way Abu Ghraib was swept under the rug. With the simultaneous revelation that Dick Cheney himself ordered the CIA to keep his personal international assassination (policy) a secret from Congress, it has never been more urgent to get to the bottom of the rogue government operating inside the White House, and to hold those criminals at the highest level fully accountable under the law. There are brave members of Congress calling out for justice, like Senator Russ Feingold, who wrote Holder this week on behalf of the Senate Judiciary Committee. We must add all our voices to the chorus and demand real accountability. Worth Crouch, Auburn