Put charter city status on ballot

Reader Input
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We have an opportunity to move our city forward by taking control of our own destiny. We can do this by becoming a charter city. Our city council, led by Councilman Kevin Hanley, is currently holding meetings considering placing the charter city change on the ballot. This option is opposed by organized labor because it will allow the city when doing projects to use market rate wages instead of the state’s prevailing wage. The out-of-town labor representatives are coming to city council meetings and using our local paper’s online blogs to defame our council members and city leadership in an attempt to scare them and us in not bringing this change to us, the voters. Becoming a charter city will allow us to operate under our own leadership and not allow the California Legislature to take control of our city’s policies, practices and ability to negotiate. The Legislature has done so well with California can you imagine them making decisions for Auburn? I ask our City Council to show leadership and place the charter city change on the ballot. Steven Galyardt, Auburn