Putting down bears is wrong

Reader Input
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Before I start, let me say I was raised in Northern Minnesota and learned gaming has its benefits but also preservation does, too. That being said, shame on the game warden that sees putting down these bears as the first act of defense (Journal, Oct. 28). They need to be relocated with monitors first and possibly a zoo second — death a very-thought-out third. Also, winter is coming and they are ready to hibernate so having them return at this point should not be a concern. We need to remember we encroached on their territory and if you choose to live on the edge of civilization then you need to be prepared for bears and other animal life to live on that same edge. The paper painted a picture that the farmer was emotionally upset about watching his chickens being killed. I think the real issue for him was monetary. Having your chicken coops raided by predators is a natural sequence of nature, so he needs to be prepared for losses. Man is so vain, thinking because a house or development is built an animal will make a U-turn and leave them and their property alone. Now, what’s wrong with that picture? Judy Rakela, Roseville