Quarterback’s choice puzzles

Reader Input
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Former Placer High and current UC Davis football star Greg Denham says he’s bailing on his senior season to become a minister (Journal, June 4). As a quarterback, he’s the de facto leader of the team, and tremendous time, energy and money have been invested in his development and success since he was a youth. People are counting on him and looking up to him. UC Davis has provided him with a free education in exchange for his football services, and yet he’s walking away now — at the pinnacle of his career? It doesn’t make sense.  The qualities of a good minister might include being an inspirational role model, particularly for youth as well as a leader and team player. It’s hard to beat being a star quarterback on both these counts. I wish Denham well in his life transition, but let’s not let the “higher calling” vibe cloud what is clearly a selfish decision.  Lucy Feliceplace, Auburn