Race poses little problem for Auburn

Officials say road closure impact small
By: Bridget Jones Journal staff writer
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Televised attention and road closures are coming to Auburn with the Amgen Tour of California. The tour will race through the city on May 16, and several roads will be affected. These streets include Palm Avenue, Auburn Ravine Road, Elm Avenue, Shirley Street, Garfield Street, Pine Street, Lincoln Way, Sacramento Street, High Street, El Dorado Street, Foresthill Avenue, and Old Auburn Foresthill Road. Between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. cars parked on Downtown raceway streets will be towed. From 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. traffic will be controlled by the Auburn Police Department. Affected streets will be closed from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. For a list of times streets are scheduled to be closed, please visit Although several groups have expressed concerns about the closures, the Auburn Police Department is determined to work with community members to make the day as hassle-free as possible, said Capt. John Ruffcorn. “The residents — we have reached out to them to try to let as many people know about the control of traffic,” Ruffcorn said. “The majority of street closures will end as soon as the bikes go through.” Ruffcorn said that while most streets will reopen quickly, traffic control would still be enforced on many of them. Auburn Home Show officials initially expressed concerns that those coming from Sacramento might have a hard time getting to the event, which runs the same weekend as the Amgen race. Ruffcorn said a plan is now in place for drivers on Interstate 80 to exit at Indian Hill Road instead of navigating through closed Downtown streets. Ruffcorn also said the race could have a minor impact on the arrival and departure of community church attendees, but police officials will work to minimize this as well. A representative from St. Joseph Parish on Lincoln Way declined to comment on any concerns the church might have. Foresthill Bridge will also be closed as cyclists make their way across shortly after 1 p.m. Sgt. Gordon Canham of the California Highway Patrol said he does not think this will not cause a problem for residents of the area. “This thing will blow through town really fast,” Canham said. “It’s not going to be a huge deal — other than people standing around, I think that’s going to cause more problems than anything. You’re probably talking 10, 15 minutes. It’s not going to be hours.” Donna Hunter, owner of Mariah Wilderness Expeditions, said the race could affect some of her North Folk American River rafting trips as the race enters Cool and Salmon Falls Road is closed, but she isn’t worried about it. “It will definitely cause us to alter our return time, but so what?” Hunter said. “We have to cooperate. No problem. We just make those adjustments.” Hunter said this is not the first time rafting trips have had to be altered for another event, and she is willing to work around it. Ruffcorn said the event would be less of a hassle for everyone if local residents do their part by keeping streets clear and voicing their concerns to the police ahead of time. “We’re asking for 100 percent compliance,” he said. “If you have a car that’s on the road, you just park it in your driveway … for that day. The last thing we absolutely do not want to do is tow cars. Please reach out to us if there are concerns and we’ll try to alleviate the concerns, but it is going to be a very minor impact on our residents.” ---------- Race Schedule Stage 1 Route through Placer and El Dorado Counties Estimated arrival time – Course Directions 12:28 – Right onto Placer Hills Road from Dog Bar Road 12:43 – Right onto Lake Arthur Road from Placer Hills Road 12:46 – Left onto Christian Valley Road/Bowman from Lake Arthur Road 12:51 – Right onto Auburn Ravine Road from Bowman Road 12:52 – Enter Auburn 12:55 – Left onto Palm Ave. from Auburn Ravine Road 12:56 – Left onto Elm Ave. from Auburn Ravine Road 12:56 – Right onto Shirley St. from Elm Ave. 12:56 – Left onto Garfield St. from Shirley St. 12:56 – Right onto Pine St. from Garfield St. 12:57 – Right onto Lincoln Way 12:58 – Left onto Sacramento St. from Lincoln Way 12:59 – Right onto Lincoln Way from High St. 12:59 – Herbalife Sprint sub-competition 1:00 – Right onto Lincoln Way/ El Dorado St. from Lincoln Way 1:00 – Left to continue on Lincoln Way 1:04 – Right onto Foresthill Road from Lincoln Way 1:05 – Auburn Foresthill Bridge 1:09 – Right onto Old Auburn Foresthill Road from Foresthill Road 1:18 – Left onto Highway 49 from Old Auburn Foresthill Road 1:18 – Enter El Dorado County 1:22 – California Travel and Tourism: King of the Mountain sub-competition, Highway 49 1:25 – Enter cool 1:33 – Right onto Salmon Falls Cutoff from Highway 49 1:33 – Left onto Salmon Fall Road from Salmon Falls Cutoff 1:58 – Left onto Malcolm Dixon Road from Salmon Falls Road 1:59 – Right onto Alleghent Road from Malcolm Dixon Road 2:12 – Enter Sacramento County 3:28 - Finish line at L and 11th Streets in Sacramento ----------