Rather be fire-safe than sorry

Reader Input
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In response to Michael Stark’s reaction to voluntary evacuation notice (Reader Input, Sept. 1) – maybe he was upset – but I consider it a godsend. I am a 53-year resident of Meadow Vista. I take care of my elderly parents, disabled myself with six animals to evacuate – I have no other family to help in an emergency. Thank God 20-plus years ago my father had the foresight to install a metal roof and sprinklers on our home. We recently added them to our Dutch barn. As soon as I saw smoke, on they went. I drove up the hill behind us in the Winchester Subdivision and what a scare I saw in this dry weather – it was moving fast. I was concerned about my father who right now is at a care home in Auburn. Concerns for him led me to try to get across through Christian Valley, not realizing the fire was right there on the other side. I got caught up in all the traffic and evacuations. The fire was coming our way. When I returned home we received the voluntary evacuation notice and we were closer than any seven-mile radius in the wind’s direction. We were scared. We were able to get out with important papers, clothes, animal crates, dog food, water … forgot medications and pictures. But all loved ones and animals in cars and ready to leave at a moment’s notice. What a lesson on being prepared. In 53 years we have never received a call about a fire, even having had fires behind us in the past. Instead of complaining about it, be thankful you’d have a little time to pack just in case. We received two calls from Placer County, 4 and 6 p.m., about voluntary evacuations. Never did we receive a call about the lifting of them – but so what. I’d rather be safe than sorry! Thank you, Placer County, for the notice – I appreciated it! Thank you to all fire personnel for your quick actions. DIANE ROBERTS, Meadow Vista