Re-elect these proven leaders

Reader Input
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I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly state my support for three proven leaders who are running for re-election to their respective boards. For the Auburn Recreation District, I strongly recommend re-electing Scott Holbrook and Curt Smith. They have proven their dedication to the district and the people it serves. Scott has a long history with the board, and that is important so that past mistakes are not repeated. Over the last several years, the board has built consensus and with a great staff, has moved the district forward. We don’t need to return to the past when one or two members manipulated the agenda, and thus the district was embroiled in a lot of controversy. Curt has shown his studious and analytical nature when arriving at balanced decisions before the board. We need to continue this thoughtful approach. The other recommendation is to re-elect Ken Tokutomi to the Placer County Board of Education. He has been a champion for schools and education, has put his words into action, and made a positive difference. Losing Ken would be losing our strongest advocate for education. P.S. Vote for Ted Gaines for State Senator. Keith Nesbitt, Auburn