Reach out and help Junior

Reader Input
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Recently (Oct. 21) the Journal published a story about a boy with muscular dystrophy and a photograph of his happy and handsome face as “Daisy” was kissing him. His family’s real life tells a completely different story. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, four weeks a month, 12 months a year, they are paddling just to keep their heads above water. (David Davison) Junior and I are very good friends. His wisdom is far beyond his years, his precious spirit is instantly courageous. Junior lives in dreams that never come true: motorcycles, dune buggies, places to go, so many wonderful things to see. Junior’s dream now is for his family to have a new van, one that has no possibility of breaking down as it has been. It has left them stranded so that if and when his breathing system begins to alert them to get him to a hospital ASAP, he will not die. Junior has muscular dystrophy, but muscular dystrophy doesn’t have Junior. Our community will be drawn together to help that incredible loving family. Money will be sent in but I don’t know to whom or how it is to be managed. That’s just as important. Any volunteers? I’m only a messenger; Junior is the small voice crying out of the wilderness. His voice must be heard. GENE BAKER, Meadow Vista