Reader bashes GOP policies

Reader Input
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Health care executives make hundreds of millions and spend added millions traveling on corporate jets and eating from gold-plated dinnerware. The industry campaigns with our money, their lies and ridicules assertions to convince us we don’t need reform or competition. Every dollar not paid to a claim is added to their exorbitant profits and salaries. Moreover, hospital emergency rooms are burdened by millions of American’s not having health insurance. The Republican party first fought health care reform by claiming it was socialistic, because it advanced a public option. However, now that the option is off the table the Republicans say the reform is a train wreck. And that’s just the way they fought Social Security, Medicare, banking regulation, minimum wage laws, womens’ right to vote, the Veteran’s Administration, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the National Parks, to name a few reforms and programs they delayed and tried to defeat. Once again it is obvious Republicans continue to represent big-moneyed interests and are now agents of the health care industry, but at least after over 40 years we have started reforming and regulating health care nationally. Worth Crouch, Auburn