Reader input: Accountability looms large in sewer rates

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When our elected officials in Washington spend our tax dollars irresponsibly, we criticize them. Our supervisors have decided to get involved with the most expensive option with regard to wastewater treatment.
One option that is available could cut the cost of the project by as much as 40 percent and reduce rates from their current levels. It’s a tough concept for politicians to reduce the cost of anything but in this case they need to re-consider their decision.
The rate payers should not have to subsidize Lincoln’s sewer problems. Lincoln rates for wastewater treatment are about $40 each month. We should not have to pay close to $100 each month for the same service.
The rates will increase as this project continues. Cost overruns, inaccurate cost estimates and regulatory requirements will drive the costs skyward and those cost will be passed on to the rate payers.
Our elected officials are not spending our money most effectively. Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery has the opportunity to right the mistake that has been made.
Please contact her in writing to state your opposition to the current regional sewer plan. A public hearing will be held on May 7 at the Placer County Administrative Center. With public outcry this rate increase can be stopped and the supervisors will have to re-consider their options.
Lower cost of the project and lower rates should be their priority. Contact Supervisor Montgomery and ask her why we’re doing what we’re doing. It’s time we start questioning our own elected officials and make them accountable to their constituents.