Reader Input: Animal shelter not gold-plated

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I was flabbergasted by the article on the proposed Placer County animal shelter and associated costs, which are unconscionable for the purpose (“Placer supes move on new $23.6 million North Auburn animal shelter,” Journal, Feb. 6).
While there may be a need for a new facility, isn’t $674 per-square-foot incredibly outrageous? And $160 per-square-foot for soft costs is nearly 25 percent of the costs already spent.
Further, there is no land factor value included. Plus, I’m convinced that when all is said and done, the real costs will be much higher.
I disagree with the county facility services department deputy director’s statement that the project is not “gold-plated.” It’s platinum-plated.
That’s a palatial price for even a single family residence where a typical custom home, including land, would price out at $250 to $400-per-foot in this area.
Another example of government spending out-of-control and the taxpayer is stuck with the bill.  
I wonder what a more efficient use of that money would be?  Way too much government.
Mark Roberts, Loomis